Parenting accessories have never been this good, great design, great quality and a great price. ALWAYS with you - the award winning nappy wallet + change mat. With it's cult following this nappy wallet is compact, functional and holds everything you need for changing a baby. SOMETIMES or ALWAYS - MELOTOTE the changing bag you won't want to live without. Goldilocks would love it - all the right pockets in all the right places. TOGETHER = PERFECT - All our products are designed to use individually or with each other so, if you have one product you may want the rest. Read More

Price: £16.95

The perfect gift for baby showers, mothers-to-be and even makes a great present for dad!

MELOTOTE LIMITED SILVER - gorgeous tote that hangs neatly on any push chair! Fall in a playground, stung by an insect, high temperature? Keep first aid items to hand + room for other personal items.